Location of Defiance, Ohio

I come from an obscure part of the world known as “Defiance, Ohio,” and recently I have become interested in the history of its formation and the Miami-Erie Canal. To that end, I came across the following useful information:

Dave’s History Corner has a ton of pictures of Defiance from various points in its history; he’s got stuff from the 1800’s and the 1950’s, and many more. I can’t prove it, but I believe he’s a time traveler.

Defiance County has published historical platbooks, maps, and other information online. They are cleverly using my tax dollars to sate my curiosity.

This is an interesting article discussing the history of a large island on the Maumee river, which runs through the city. It used to be quite the tourist destination in the early 1900’s, now it belongs to the Audubon Society.

More to come?


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