White House ready to use spanking on N. Korea

An article from the LATimes, reporting on a visit to Asia by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, says that U.S. Policy will be to treat N. Korea the same way a sleep deprived, overworked parent might handle a 3 year old. The United States will no longer follow a “policy of strategic patience.”

Over the last 2 decades, North Korea has behaved increasingly like an attention-seeking toddler, and it has engaged in more threatening, defiant action. This was in evidence as recently as President Obama’s deal with them that lasted all of 15 days, before N. Korea launched a missile to break it.

I get it; I have a 3 year old, and he can be impossible to motivate while avoiding melt-downs. Sometimes, you have to be assertive to light a fire under them (Disclamer: I, in no way, condone nor engage in the use of high heat or open flames for the discipline of children.) It’s even harder when you’ve been at it a long time, and you feel like you spend most days just arguing nonsense:

Me: “You need to wash your hands”

Toddler: “But, I did!”

Me: “I watched you. You didn’t.”

Toddler: “Yessss, I diiiiiid!!”

Me: “Please wash your hands.”

Toddler: “BUT I DIIIIIIID!!”

Me: “Okay, buddy, let me help you…” *grabs child’s hands*

Toddler: *tantrum*

Me: *washes child’s hands/dreams of rolling a boulder up a mountain for eternity*

On the other hand, if my 3 year old had access to long-range missiles, I’d probably let him eat pop-rocks for breakfast.