Doonesbury Stole My Opium…

Doonesbury Stole My Opium…Idea

I thought I had a good angle on this story making the rounds in the news media, but that thieving Garry Trudeau clearly wire tapps my brain with a microwave, and the results can be seen here.

I want to add, however, that according to a Washington Post analysis:

“[W]hite American men without a college degree still earn 36 percent more than their black counterparts. But the death rate among less-educated black Americans has actually been decreasing. In recent years, the two groups have converged — they are dying at about the same rate — even though white Americans still earn more.”

So…when white Americans are dying at a similar rate as black Americans, there’s an “epidemic”?  What is the black American death rate called – benign?

Increasing death rates are always concerning, but I think it speaks to a greater social failure to provide a comprehensive safety net, as other western democratic societies have done.